Boho chic

I noticed how boho chic became very popular. It all started with festivals such as Coachella and then people decided to bring festival style on streets as well. I have few pieces in my closet which can be styled as boho chic,fringed brown boots and flower crown for example.
Few days ago,I received this wonderful dress (link) and now I am obsessed with boho style. I've been browsing pinterest and instagram all day looking for inspiration. 
Yesterday I was talking with my friend about autumn and in which direction my style will go this season. I always have some new items that will transform my old outfits in something different. 
Stay updated :* (p.s thank you for your emails,I will really try to post on English as well)

Primjetila sam kako je boho chic postao veoma popularan. Sve je počelo sa festivalima poput Coachelle kad su ljudi festivalsku modu prenijeli i na ulice. Ja u ormaru imam neke komade koje bi se mogli iskombinirati u boho stilu,npr. smeđe čizmice sa resicama i cvjetnu krunu.
Prije par dana sam dobila ovu predivnu haljinu (link) i sad sam opsjednuta boho stilom.
Cijeli dan sam u potrazi za inspiracijom na pinterestu i instagramu.
Jučer sa baš razgovarala sa prijateljicom o jeseni i u kojem pravcu će moj stil ići ove sezone. Uvijek imam neke nove komade koje stare outfite pretvaraju u nešto drukčije.

Online shopping

Bodeoo - my one-stop spot for trendy items!

I used to love going to the mall, browsing from store to store and trying on one piece of clothing to another. That is until I realized how many impulsive purchases I was making because of either lack of variety or lack of sizes. But what I hate about online shopping is that I don’t get to try on the items themselves and who knows if they’re going to fit me or not? That’s when online clothing stores like Bodeoo.com come in to save the day!

What’s neat about Bodeoo is that they use small, medium, and large models to showcase the clothing pieces so you’re not stuck looking at size negative models wondering if you’re really going to be able to squeeze into that dress or that top. Here, shoppers can see each and every clothing pieces modeled on models their size!

Here are some of my favorite items:

I've also had a blast watching their weekly Tutorial Tuesday videos on their Youtube. There are all kinds of tutorials from DIY face mask. working out pretty, to what to do wear, do, say on a date. You can see the ladies strutting in their cute outfits, getting fun and personable with their viewers. It just makes shopping ten times more fun!

The items featured above are just a few pieces that I’m loving from their website right now. They’re adding tons of new, trendy pieces as you’re reading this so if you’re looking to shop, save yourself the 30-minute trip to the mall and check out Bodeoo.com today!


Love me

I managed to take those pictures right before storm. I couldn't wait to get back home and have a movie night with a lot of popcorns.
Even though I would like to have a few summer days,I don't complain on this rainy autumn weather. I am not a huge fan of high temperatures so this is acceptable for me.