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Hi,I've been very busy. Tomorrow I will check my e-mail and respond/follow.

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I am going to have a dinner,kisses :**

Sweet baby dream

No outfit pics. It is raining all day. I am watching Private Practice. My favorite tv show. I really missed this,laying all day in bed,eating chocolate and watching tv shows. 

Nema slika outfita od danas. Cijeli dan pada kiša. Gledam Privatni praksu,inače to je moja najdraža serija. Stvarno mi je nedostajalo ovo da se cijeli dan izležavam,jedem čokoladu i gledam serije :) 

Ostvaljam vas sa jednom pjesmom idealnom za ovo kišno vrijeme :)

Đorđe Balašević- Stari laloški vals 



Pics from yesterday :)
Dress which I wore as a shirt from --- You should check that site. They sooooo unique items. I am in love with their store. .. My hips are too wide,dress is not stretchy so I will wear it as a shirt. What do you think abut that? Does it look nice or not?

Late night decision

I just made a decision. I think I will have more "quick" posts. I want to make my blog more personal,so you guys can really know who am I . Not just outfit posts,or any other planned ones. I will post more instagram,web cam or just pics from my cell. What do you think about that? So,I wish you a good night :* Talk to you soon :)