Hej. Kako provodite subotu?
Ja sam išla u shopping sa mamom. Kupila sam nove cipele u Zari,nisam mogla odoljeti. Pokazat ću vam ih uskoro. Vidjela sma ih prije koji tjedan na jednoj blogerici i to je bila ljubav na prvi pogled. Sad mi je dan savršen hahah :)
Također nosim i Zara hlače,dobila sam ih na poklon od moje Meksikanke Michelle. Upoznala sam je prije dvije godine na facebook događaju/peticiji (neki cause) . Od tada smo baš bliske,iako živimo na dva različita kraja svijeta. Ona je VIP kupac u zari pa mi je ove hlače kupila prije nego su bile dostupne kod nas. Ima i ebay store tu :) . Pa ako vidite nešto na Zarinoj stranici a nema toga kod nas,ona vam može kupiti U Meksiku i poslati.
Ne znam kako će sve ići sa mojom školom ali sam je planirala otputovati U veracruz kako bi je posjetila. Vidjet ćemo :)

Hlače - Zara - (michellin poklon) , šljkičasti džemper - ROMWE ,  čizme - my1stwish , naočale - H&M , torba Indressme jakna Venomfashions

Hi everyone. How are you spending your Saturday? 
I was in shopping with my mum. I bought new shoes from Zara,I just couldn't resist. I will show them to you soon.I saw them few weeks ago on other blogger and that was love on first sight. Now my day is perfect haha :)
I am also wearing Zara pants,they are gift from my Mexican friend Michelle. I met Michelle two years ago on Facebook cause. We are very close since then,even though we live on two different sides of the world. 
She's a VIP shopper in Zara so she bought me those pants before they were available here in Croatia. She also has ebay store - HERE . If you saw something in Zara site,but it's not available in your city,she can buy it in Mexico and sell it to you. 
I don't know how will things go with my school,but I was planning to go visit her in Veracruz. 

Pants- Zara from Michelle (HERE) , sequin sweater - ROMWE ,  Boots - my1stwish , sunglasses - H&M , handbag - Indressme , jacket Venomfashions

New lens and peplum skirt giveaway :)

Kao što možete primjetiti,imamnovi objektiv. Napokon sam se odlučila kupiti 50mm 1.8 i mogu reći da sma baš sretna zbog toga. Stvarno je puno bolji od staroga. Što vi mislite? Da li se vidi razlika?
Danas sam bila jako zauzeta. Između učenja,učenja i učenja otišla sam do knjižnice pa sam imala priliku uslikati se.
Vrijeme je bolje nego prošli tjedan ali je malo hladno. Zato mi je kaput (London_Chic_Luxury_Boutique) bio odličan izbor. Kao što možete primjetiti,čak sam uskladila boju laka za nokte sa suknjom i kaputom :)

Sigurna sam i da primjećujete moje nove balerinke. O njima ću vam reći više u sljedećom postu. Sjećate se kad sma najaviča suradnju sa The Feet Treat ? Pa to su Vince Camuto balerikne  upravo njihove :) Imaju zaista dobru ponudu.


Like you can notice,I have new lens :) I finally decided to buy 50mm 1.8 and I am so happy right now. It's way better then my old lens. What do you think? Can you see the difference? 
Anyway,today was very busy day for me. Between studying studying and studying I went to library so I had chance to take those pictures. 
Weather is better then last week but it's a bit cold. That's why my Jane Norman coat from London_Chic_Luxury_Boutique was great choice for today. Also,notice how my nail polish matches with skirt and coat :) (nail polish - primark - from PR mix fashion) .
Clutch is also Primark,I ordered it from PR mix fashion. They have amazing offer in their store. 

I am sure you also noticed those gorgeous pumps,right? psssssssst,I will let you know more about them in next post :) All I can say,do you remember when I announced cooperation with The Feet Treat ? Well,those shoes are Vince Camuto punps from The Feet Treat  . Close up pictures in next post :) 


Before ouftis pics,join my giveaway on FACEBOOK FAN PAGE . You have a chance to win amazing peplum skirt from Vivilli . 
Rules are simple
3.Share THIS picture on facebook and leave your name under picture on my blog facebook fan page :)

I will announce winner for 14 days. Good luck :)

Shoes - Vince Camuto from The Feet Treat

Blue heels blue day

I am wearing gorgeous blue Rachel Roy heels from BoutiqueEleonora . I don't know have you noticed but I wear heels a lot. I am short hahah,so they are always my fisrt choice. But I have problems with my ankles and sometimes,wearing heels can be very painful for me. There aren't many heels which are comfortable for me. But those ones are (and those nude pumps) . I can't wait for summer to wear them all the time.
I paired them with  bye bye birdie (AliceVictoriaBoutique) . I love this dress,it's very cute,and it has pockets (perfect for people like me who don't know where to put hands hahah ).
You already had chance to see my spiked denim jacket from VenomFashions :)

Have a great rest of your week :)

100th post!!

You are reading my 100th post!!!! Aaaa I can't believe I already wrote 100 of them.
Well,I have to thank all of you for reading my blog. Thank you for your wonderful comments,your critics,suggestions and saying "hi" . You make my days. You make me happy.
I would lie if I said I blog only because of myself. Partly I do it for you too because I love reading your comments and emails and I really feel connected to all of you no matter how far you are.
Today,me and my mum went to "celebrate" my 100th post with cookies <3
And I dressed a bit fancier then I usually do. Yes,it's cold outside but I couldn't resist to wear my H&M skirt  ( . I like combination of white and gold,it reminds me on weddings hahaha,I don't know why. So for white side,I chose transparent white romwe shirt and LOTMART faux fur jacket. This jacket is so soft,like a puppy. I like wearing it with some casual outfits too. I will show you in some of my next posts.
Now I have to go study, I am very busy lately with my exams in school. Have a great rest of your day. Kisses :**

shirt : Romwe , skirt : H&M (Fashionique101) ; Heels : owntherunaway ; Faux fur jacket : Lotmart



Just wanted to say "hi"

Hello,how are you today? I planned to write new post,but I was very busy. I went with the rest of my classroom to visit our teacher who just had a baby. Little girl :) She's 3 months old now. So I spent all day on that. But tomorrow I will publish new post with gold skirt and white shirt (my fav I have to admit <3 )

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Anyway,here are some pics from Instagram , you can follow me (@lucijakontic)

Shake up the happines

I've been singing Christmas songs since yesterday. I really don't know what is wrong with me haha :) It won't be so weird usually,but today I wore sandals!! Can you believe? After ten days of rain,I finally can enjoy in beautiful sunny day. But not for long,they said it will rain again :( I really don't want this to be my last walk (for this season) in this gorgeous Zara tropical platform heels. I ordered them from ebay, because they are Zara's summer collection and they are sold out everywhere. I always fell in love with something from previous collections :( But now I found solution for that problem :) it's deckeleg53 ebay store. It's a store where you can find items which are already sold out in stores. I was surprised how fast they arrived (from Israel) - 7 days..amazing right? Also,I have to say how kind that person who runs  deckeleg53 ebay store is :) She helped me around sizes,because it won't be the first time I order wrong size hahaha :)

Also,you could notice how I love to wear pastel colors. My favorite pants right now are those mint ones from Topshop. I got them from Bubbles-Boutique-Bargains . Check out that store. They sell Topshop clothes and shoes and accesorize (heaven for me hahahah)their ebay store offers garments also from brands  Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Asos.They offer all of those garments in a brand new and in a range of sizes and colours at a discounted price. . 
If you would like to buy the same ones pants as I have ,you can get them here :) Also,if you want to stay updated for any new arrivals in Bubbles-Boutique-Bargains store, like their facebook fan page :) . 

Enough words,now pictures . Have a great rest of your week,kisses :***

Shirt : Zara
Heels : Zara at deckeleg53
Pants : Topshop at Bubbles-Boutique-Bargains
Clutch: Ebay