Wedding post

I finally woke up and I am full of bruises and scratches,but it doesn't matter at all because I had such a great time last night at the wedding. It was really perfect. The bride was gorgeous in her white wedding gown,and my sister was her maid of honor. My sister and I had the same skirt,but her was black,I didn't think that people would notice that,but one little girl was first who noticed it,and it was really funny actually :) 
We were dancing all the time at wedding party,music was great,and of course-food. Jummy,I really loved it! I chose some pics for you,please tell me what do you think? 
P.S today I am going to try follow again all people I followed but I am not on their follower list. 
How did you spend your Saturday? 






Hi Hi :)
how are you today? Here,in Croatia is sunny weather and I really enjoyed it :) Like I promise,today is day for one long post :)
First,I choose Kate Bosworth for today. I reaaaaaaally love her,and her style and her hair.Wish I can have that pretty blonde hair.Although,my natural hair color is blonde,but I dye myself in dark brown.Well,who knows,one day maybe I will be blonde again :)
Anyway,she is so pretty and she seems to be very nice person,don't you think so?

Here are some pics :) Do you like Kate? Which photo is the best? I love the first one :)

And,like I already told you,on Saturday I'm going at the wedding,and I finally decided how will I style my hair. Just click on "hair tutorial"
What do you think? Nice or not? 

Do you know any good hair tutorial? If you do,please leave it in comments :) 
And I didn't get the answer yet why I can not follow you guys,but I'm keeeeeeep tryin',so don't worry,You can count on me :) 

Besos para todos :) 
Love you veeeeeeery much :)

Enjoy in this wonderful song :) Whitney,we miss you so much! 

Quick post

Hi Hi :)
I have noticed that I have some problems with following other blogs.So if I left a comment on your blog saying that I followed you,and you can not find me on your follower list,please,contact me on so I can fix that !

Tomorrow I will write one long post with hairstyles,outfits and many many more :) Do you have any celebrity you want me to mention? I will be happy to read your suggestions :) 

Rainy Tuesday :)

Hi Hi everyone :)
I just found some pics on my computer and I really want to share them with you. I'm wearing extensions,which I usually don't, I'm too lazy to clip them every morning.
Today was a good day for me,I didn't have any exams and I was sleeping pretty much all the time haha :)
On Saturday I'm going to my sister's friend wedding,and I'm so excited,I bought Zara skirt,and I loooooooove it! Cant wait :)
How did you spend your day?
P.S I really love reading your comments,so don't think I don't read them :) And please,feel free to leave a link to your new post if I miss it :) I will be happy to hear from you :) Kissy Kissy :*

and some random pics :)

Bye bye :) 

Die Monday!

Hello my dear followers :) Thank you so much for your supporting comments,it really means a lot to me. 
However,today is damn Monday,and I hate Mondays.I always feels tired and sleepy! I prefer Fridays,do you?

Well,my mother wanted to cheer me up so she suggested to take a few photos of me,and of course I agreed :) So here are my new photos,please tell me what you think :)
Those heels hurt my ankles a lot,I hate them because of that but I love them because of the way they look,and the way my legs look while I'm wearing them.

XOXO Lucyle 

La vie en rose?

So,how my first blog ( :(( )  was hacked and erased,I made a new one. And at the moment, I'm spending my Saturday night alone in bedroom trying to find all my followers I used to have. But I don't know,maybe all that with my previous blog is not so bad,now I have a new fresh beginning :) yay
and of course,so photos of mua :)

and this is my new Bershka bag :) actually,its laptop case but for me-its a bag :)