Le quick post with some random pics

Hi guys,how are you today? I've been very busy lately so I didn't have enough time for some quality post,but I will do it tomorrow I promise :) This school year ends for two weeks and day after I am going on my trip to Vienna,Budapest and Prague :) I really can't wait. And I will have a lot of pics for you :) Anyway,I just got jeans from SHEINSIDE but I can't fit into I will just share some pics with you. They are really nice,and I hope I will get thinner soon :) And I bought new mask for my cell,I love it :) O,and I got a lot of comment in previous post about my hair so I will finally share one pic of my hair extensions haha :)

And if you are fan of latex you should check out this page : SEXIW

Own The Runaway heels and wonderful afternoon

Just like I promised yesterday,today I am going to show you my new, gorgeous heels. I got them from OWN THE RUNAWAY and they're most perfect heels I've ever seen. I don't know why,maybe because they are so simple and classy. Anyway,while I was waiting for them to come I was so afraid that I took a wrong size,but I am wearing EU39 - I ordered EU39 and they fit perfectly. I love OWN THE RUNAWAY ,I think I am going to buy some clothes from them,they have some nice stuff. You should check it out.And I have to say that their customer service is great.I really had a bunch of questions and they answer on all of them (Thank you Nicola) :) 
I am not so great "high heel walker" but these are so comfortable. I am so happy and I can't wait next weekend to go out wearing them :) How are you planning to spend your weekend? And if you like sad movies,you should watch A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN. It is a great movie,but also very sad. 
Anyway,I am going now,I spent all afternoon editing these photos and I am hungry.Please tell me what do you think about my photos and my new heels :) XOXO

Instagram post

Hi everyone,how are you today? I was planing to take some photos today,but unfortunately it is raining outside so I am rescheduling it for tomorrow. This post you may observe as some "post before post" 'cause I want to show you my new heels that I will be wearing tomorrow!
So here are my Instagram photos
And I almost forgot but I finally took off my braces,I can't describe you how happy I am :) I've been wearing it since June 2011. 

And my night braces :)

And tell me,what do you think about this dress? I really love it. Find that dress here: YESI-FASHION they have some great clothes. 

So sad :(

Right at the beginning I have to say how sad am I :( Yesterday was Grey's anatomy season 8 finale,and I think I cried Niagara falls.They killed my Lexiee nooooooo :( My whole world just crashed. I know they are fictional characters but I am so sad,I've been waiting whole year that she is with Sloan again and know she is dead and I hate Grey's anatomy-officially! 
Just watch this video :( 

However, I am not in the mood for some long post,I just want to share with you that I got one beautiful shirt from . I just love it! 

Here are some photos :
How do you like my new shirt? You should check out OASAP they have some great clothes and they are not expensive!

P.S if you want to add me on my facebook account :

Quick sequin post

Hi Hi everybody,how are you today? 
I don't have enough time for some long post but I want to share with you some pics of my new sequin dress. I got her from my friend (the one who usually takes photos of me) and I love it :) How will I wear it you will see in some future post,but now I will just show you how it looks like. Please,tell me what do you think? Do you own any sequin dress? And do you have any pic,if you do give me URL so I can see it :) 
Have a great rest of your day XOXO

and I am waiting for my new blouse from OASAP

Turquoise day

I just found my turquoise pants and I am so happy I can fit into them again haha :) So I decided to wear them today and of course my dear friend took some photos.
It was really good day. I need to share with you what just happened to me. I have a sister,and she is 12 years older then me. And today she brought me a bag full of  clothes,and her style is the same as mine. It was like a Christmas to me. She is great sister I have to admit :)
Now I will finish my post because I am so tired and my grammar is awful and it is better for me to stop writing. I will just share my new photos with you,and you can say what you think :) Have a great rest of your day :)


Hi everyone :) I am happy to say that now you can "like" my blog on facebook :) 

If you have fan page for your blog,please leave it in comments and be sure I will like it :) 
Tomorrow I will post some new photos,have a great day 


Labor day

Hi Hi :) 
Today is Labor day,or something like that,I don't really know how to translate it :) But- I don't have school and it is sunny weather and I am happy :) Yesterday I was hanging around with my best friend and she took some photos of me. I will share them with you . How are you spending your Tuesday? Ouh,and do you have any movie recommendations ? I have some free time and I would really love to watch some good movie :) 

I have one surprise for you. There is one online shop with awesome clothes,and they are not so expensive.But,you can get special discount,up to 60% on everything,if you use code LAVIEENROSE when you purchase something.Isn't that great? Go and check their  amazing offer: 

Personally,I would choose this: 

and now,me :)