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As you probably noticed,I cut my hair few weeks ago and now I regret all the time because of that decision. So I start doing some researches about clip-in hair extensions.
 I think it's perfect way to have instantly long hair. Clip in hair extensions are easy to attach and remove.

And anytime you want to have long hair,you can have it in minute. Shophairextensions sell perfect clip in hair extensions and brazilian hair.
They are made of human hair so they can be dyed,washed,curled,whatever you want. I am planning to get one set for myself. And also,I am going back to some darker hair color,blonde is not ok for me hahaha :)

On this site you can find different hair colors,if you have highlights that's not problem because there are many different hair colors. And you can also find wavy hair extensions dublin and straight ones as well.

But if you want to have extensions on your head all the time,you can buy micro ring extensions,If you have same problem as me,you can want a long hair right now,just browse through and you fill find something for yourself :)


  1. Love your blog :) I'm an italian girl and i opened my blog this october..i need some help and tips.. do you like to see my blog?? xoxo Claudia

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  4. The most expensive hair extension methods will be the strand-by-strand hair extension methodology. This technique happens being more expensive than others with the time involved in best man extensions applied. The hair stylist will have to attach the extension one strand at the same time. Strands usually contain 20-50 hairs a peice, so imaginable how time consuming the best selection for a full frizzy hair -- and time is normally money.

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