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Before I start blogging,I was amateur photographer. I was in love with photography,editing etc...And then,I found myself in situation like this : living in small city where I just couldn't find models or anything else to take pictures of,so one day it happened..Lucija,girl with camera became Lucija,girl in front of camera. I can't say I am sorry because of that,but blogging started to be boring for me. Get up,put clothes,take boring pictures before doesn't make me happy anymore. So I made a decision..I will try to make my blog a bit more artistic. Style is not only about clothes,it's also about how I see world around me. So I will take my camera everywhere,take pictures of everything and share them with you. Of course you will still see my outfits,but in different way. I really hope you will like it :)

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  1. nice pics;DD

    new post

  2. I like this change! wonderful pics

  3. Fantastic idea Lucija! I very like the artistic blog! Beautiful picture! :)

  4. i love it! <3

  5. Volim ovu ideju, a odlične fotke svakako!

  6. Odlična ideja ! Sretno ti sa realizacijom, a vec mi se cini da ce da bude savršeno, fotkice su vec i vise nego divne :**

  7. I would love to see artistic photos on your blog.
    A change is welcome anytime :)
    This photos are very beautiful!

  8. Svidja mi se ideja, fotke iz ovog posta su savrsene.. :) Jedva cekam naredne postove..

  9. That skirt is super cute, and I love the photos here <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  10. odlične fotografije i dobra ideja... umjetnički štih može biti samo plus:)

  11. Neobičan, a tako predobar post!! :)))

  12. Nice post! I love your photos! Keep blogging!

    Check out my blog!


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