New in : Zara booties

Hello lovelies,how are you today? 
I had a wonderful day. I went to the mountain with my dog,he always makes my day perfect :)
I will do outfit post tomorrow. I just want to show you my new Zara booties from Eternal Styles Boutiques LLC . What do you think,are they good for Spring? I am not so big fan of flat pumps so booties like those can be solution right? 

White dots blue socks

Romwe hat   Jadran socks   Yeswalker heels   ChiChi dress

This post is not about me. It's about YOU. How are you today? How are you spending your Thursday? Do you have "bad" hair day (I do,obviously haha) :) . 

Denim shirt and my favorite necklace

I love denim shirts. I already have one with studs but I wanted simple one so I can wear it with necklaces and I got it from . 
Today I feel better,but my face is covered with red/purple dots (I hate allergies!!!) so I had to put enormous  quantity of powder. Hope it's not visible anymore :/
How are you feeling today? 

Spring is here :)

Holidays - finally. 
Although,I will have to study for my final exams,it feels better when I can be lazy all day without going to school. Tonight I am going out with my friend,we are probably gonna grab some pizza and hang out,what about you?
P.S I am going to change my hair color on Monday,can you guess which color would it be? 

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Rock'n'roll Tuesday. What else to say? 
You caught me,I'm actually big Ramones fan. I'm sure you never thought I am. Ta-da. Surprise.
I am going to bake some cookies and,what are your plans for today?
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Floral skirt

Sunday is perfect day to drink coffee with your mum.
I chose to wear Milanoo floral skirt and my new Coach handbag which I got from BagLoverStore. They have amazing offer,check it out. I wanted beige handbag for spring because I don't like combining black handbags with light colors so this one should be good :)

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Show Mum how special she is this Mother’s Day by presenting her with the perfect gift – but what is that? Every mum is different and unique, and the perfect gift for one won’t be the perfect gift for all. Put some thought into what your Mum would really love to receive this Sunday. Perhaps one of the following fits the bill?

Jewellery is a popular choice as a gift for a special lady, and the more personal you can make your selection the better. A Pandora charm bracelet is ideal as it can be personalised with the bracelet charms of your choice, making a stunning gift that’s as individual as your mum.

Perfume is another strong contender – it’s very rare that any mum would turn her nose up at a bottle of her favourite scent. Be wary of getting her something new to try, however, as choice of perfume is a very personal thing. If you do want to take a risk, head to the perfume counter armed with the names of her current favourites, so the assistant can match up with similar scents.

It may be a bit of a cliché but flowers are always gratefully received. Forget tired looking bunches from the supermarket and show your mum what she means to you with a beautiful bouquet of her favourite blooms.

A luxury box of chocolates makes a good gift if you’re on a budget, as it’s rare that mums ever get to have anything just to themselves. Indulge her in a box of her favourite treats – and refuse all offers to share!

Some high-end make up can make mum feel glam. Or perhaps she’d like a luxurious skin or haircare set? Whatever you do, however, steer clear of the anti-wrinkle cream. No matter how helpful you think you are being, no woman is going to be over the moon with a gift that reminds them of their age.

Sometimes you can’t beat a bottle of bubbly, so if your mum likes a glass of the sparkly stuff, indulge her! Even better, run her a hot bubble bath to drink it in – in peace!

Something Else?
Perhaps your mum is into gadgets, gigs, baking, making – you know her better than anyone so think hard about finding a gift that she’ll really love, whatever that may be.

I choose to be happy

SHEINSIDE jacket   LaPoshStyle skirt   Converse shoes   Martofchina handbag   ROMWE shirt

I feel how Spring is almost here. And I am so happy beacuse of it. If I had more time,I would have spent it more outside,but unfortunatly finals exams are closer with every day so I have to study.
How did you spend your day?

Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

COZBEST jacket   ROMWE pants   Betsey Johnson ring    Zara heels   Vjstyle handbag   Vivilli shirt   StoreV bracelet

I'm in Elvis mood,as you can see from the title of this post,"Are you lonesome tonight" is my choice right now. Which Elvis's song is your favorite?

Bellini Diamonds

When you think about jewelry,I am sure the first thing you think of are diamonds. 
Who doesn't love diamonds? Also known as girl's best friends (and they are) . 
Especially Bellini Diamonds.
Bellini Diamonds were founded back in 1951 as a family business. 
If you are looking for some French style and elegance, Bellini Diamonds
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I will show you some of my favorites :)

Which one would you like to wear on your finger? I wound't mind having any of those precious rings. 
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