I have final exams soon,so I don't have much free time for my blog,my apologies. When everything finishes,I will post more often,I promise :)
Have a nice Sunday  :*

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Today I decided to take few pictures in my yard. I am not actually some fan of "home" pictures but now when everything is green,I couldn't resist. Spring is really here :) It's good because I had all winter to practice walking in stiletto heels and I think I'm ready haha :)
Do you prefer platform heels over stilettos? 

Let me know what you think about my new pictures?

I am wearing CHOIES stripped blouse   ebay heels   Titilolah H&M jeans   romwe sunglasses sunglasses   StoreV hair headband

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You can leave your hat on

How are you today? I went shopping with my mum,I bought shoes for my prom night. I think you will love them :) (I will post picture later on facebook page .
I can be calm finally,I was afraid I won't be able to find matchy shoes for my dress.
I bought pink hair spray to haha,I am going to experiment a bit :) God knows what will that turn into :)
Do you have experience with color hair sprays? 

Today I was wearing Tideshe blouse   Zara booties from Eternalstylesboutiquellc   Nowistyle handbag    ZeroUV sunglasses   Sheinside jacket   necessary clothing leggings

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Jedan dan i jedna šetnja

Odlučila sam malo pisati na hrvatskom je ru zadnje vrijeme broj čitatelja sa Balkana je ipak nadvladao one inozemne,i moram priznati da sam zbog toga baš sretna :) U skorije vrijeme možda budem pisala na oba jezika,ovisi kako budu reagirali čitatelji iz ostalih zemalja.
Uglavnom. Ovaj vikend je stvarno proletio za čas. Meni baš treba još jedan dan između subote i nedjelje. Gdje god sma išla nisam stigla poslikati ništa :/ danas ću vam pokazati jedan sasvim obični outfit za šetnju sa sestrom. Nadam se da ću sutra imati više vremena :)
Želim vam ugodan ostatak dana :) :*


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Smile like there's no tomorrow

Tideshe blouse   Zara jeans   Zara booties from Eternalstylesboutiquellc   Kate Spade clutch from anniesuniqueaccessories   zeroUV sunglasses

Hi there
How are you today?
I have a lot of work to do,but I found some free time to take pictures of my outfit. 
I hope you like it :)

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Smile like there's no tomorrow post preview :)

Hello my lovelies,how was your Tuesday? 
I am preparing post for tonight,and I just wanted to show you one pic. Do you like it?
I hope you do :) I am wearing white blouse from Tideshe . 

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Wind in my hair (how to lose weight)

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This is not what I was planning to write about but I received many your emails asking me how I lost my weight. It's not too much,but I think it's enough.
I know internet is full of many tips but I will share with you what worked for me :)

How to loose weight in short time :

First of all,I drink a lot of water. But like,a lot lot. Green tea and fresh orange juice. 
For breakfast in the morning at 7am I usually eat toast with butter,2-3 cookies,apple and fresh orange juice or milk. When I have school,at 10:30am I eat sandwich or chips,or chocolate. When I come home at 2pm I have lunch. I don't eat bread,I don't eat potatoes together with pasta - EVER. Carbohydrates don't go with carbohydrates. I usually eat cooked vegetables as carrot,broccoli,cauliflower and chicken. It's my favorite meat. Then,at 7-8 pm I have dinner,eggs with vegetables,or fruit salad. And that's it. 
I run on the elliptical machine for 90minutes everyday. 
That's pretty much everything. I lost 4-5 kg in a month without feeling dizzy or being hungry :)
If you have any questions,feel free to ask :) 

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