She's always a woman to me

She's frequently kind and she's suddenly cruel

She can do as she pleases, she's nobody's fool
She can't be convicted, she's earned her degree
And the most she will do is throw shadows at you,
But she's always a woman to me

I was wearing:
Saptac cipelama blouse - (link)
Chicwish skirt - (link)
Amiclub handbag - (link)
Amiclub heels - (link)
All4optics D&G sunglasses - (link)

Hunter vs sun

Hi guys
This is -not-planned- post. I wore this combination two days ago when it was raining heavily and I couldn't take pictures of my outfit. I am still not that crazy to wear Hunters on sunny day (but who knows,maybe in the future I will be). 
I have new clip in extensions and this is my 5th set. I can't help myself. 
Today I didn't have time for blending them with my hair so I made a messy braid. 

I was wearing 
sheinside dress - (link)
All4optics Miu Miu sunglasses - (link)
Skatehut Hunter boots - (link)
Hairtrade clip in extensions 

Mastershoe-sportshoe: Doc Martens

Hi guys
Is there even a better combination then Doc Martens and floral pattern? You probably saw my black ones with cute little flowers but I think those are even cuter. You can imagine how flattered I was when Mastershoes offered me a pair. God,I am so lucky. Maybe I don't think about that too much but having opportunities like this really makes me happy. 

I was wearing
Mastershoe-sportshoe Doc Martens - (link)
6ks dress - (link)
Wonderland jewl necklace - (link)
All4optics D&G sunglasses - (link)

Find Mastershoe here as well :

Perfect Bodeoo outfit
Dress - link
Booties - link

Mishica loves Boromina

Few days ago I was dressed from head to toe in Croatian design. Handbag and shoes are Borovo's Boromina style. I was so happy when Boromina came out because they are perfectly designed and very comfortable. Dress is custom made dress from Mishica. I can't stop wearing it. My friends call me Mishica (mouse-because I wear Minnie Mouse ears all the time) and it is really great coincidence. 

I was wearing:
Boromina handbag - (link)
Boromina shoes - (link)
Mishica dress - (link)
All4optics D&G sunglasses - (link)

Today I was wearing

Hi guys
So today I decided to take a break from studying and I went shopping. I already mentioned my cooperation with New Yorker so I finally went to their store and chose 8 pieces which I will style on my blog. I am so excited for this cooperation because I usually work with foreign brands and this is really great for me as I actually had a chance to go to their store and pick items on my own. 

I was wearing 
sheinside kimono (link)
All4optics Miu Miu sunglasses (link)
Glamorous boots (link)
Choies pants (link)

Perfect Bodeoo outfit <3
Jeans - link
Tee - link

Le dress

Hi guys 
It's time for new post and in this one I wanted to show you my new DressVe dress which I am obsessed with. My friend Marija (link on her blog) has the same one and I can't wait to see her post wearing this beauty.
Also,I wanted to share some news with you. Few weeks ago I became official Paul's boutique blogger. I am so excited as I am huge fan of their handbags and this is really a big deal for me.
For our first project I chose patent nude handbag as it was really something I need in my closet. Let me know how do you like it?


I was wearing 
DressVe dress (link)
Paul's boutique handbag (link)
Amiclubwear heels (link)