Carpe diem

Just because it’s summer, it doesn't mean that everyone gets to go on a real vacation. Unfortunately I've been studying hard the entire summer ;( However, I reward myself by going on short getaways and daily field trips. Since I live very close to the coast I have wide choice of places that I can visit. During the month of August many places are packed with tourists and even though God knows how much we all love them, and appreciate their desire to admire beauty of our country, at times it can get overwhelming. So what do I do then?! I have my special place where I can relax and take a break from studying. There is a tiny place called Skradin. Hey hey don’t be jealous, I’ll share the pictures with you! I know it’s not the same, but if you are a hard working student, preparing for fall terms, you can escape from your work desk and books for few minutes and imagine that you are touring Skradin with me. As you can see on my pictures below this tiny place is a hidden gem. Just like other old Dalmatians towns ,Skradin has many streets called "kale" .Those streets were built as a protection from sun and wind. People come here to enjoy in delightful Dalmatian cuisine and to experience charm of small towns like this one. I understand them completely because spending few hours here really affects your mind and soul. I feel refreshed and with renewed energy going back home where my Chemistry books are loyally waiting for my return;)

I was wearing 
6ks tshirt - (link)
Cocorose London flats - (link)
All4optics D&G sunglasses - (link)
Old LYDC satchel
Daniel Wellington watch - (link)


  1. Prekrasne slike. U torbicu sam se skroz zaljubila. I balerinkice su mi predivne ♡

  2. E ovo je i moj stil :) Inače volim tvoje kmbinacije, ali ništa slično ne nosim. Ovu majicu si sad baš želim, to mi je jedan od dražih krojeva :D

  3. nice pics~! ;-)


    i invite to me too


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