Mastershoe-sportshoe: Doc Martens

Hi guys
Is there even a better combination then Doc Martens and floral pattern? You probably saw my black ones with cute little flowers but I think those are even cuter. You can imagine how flattered I was when Mastershoes offered me a pair. God,I am so lucky. Maybe I don't think about that too much but having opportunities like this really makes me happy. 

I was wearing
Mastershoe-sportshoe Doc Martens - (link)
6ks dress - (link)
Wonderland jewl necklace - (link)
All4optics D&G sunglasses - (link)

Find Mastershoe here as well :

Perfect Bodeoo outfit
Dress - link
Booties - link


  1. Savršeno! Ljetni outfit i ove martensice, ovo je baš prekrasno, maštovito, fotke su genijalne. Sve se uklopilo i baš je gušt gledati <3

  2. Those are amazing! I'm a huge fan of Docs and the print makes them so much fun! xo



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