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It's been a while since I suggested any kind of website, app etc. But today I have something great to share with you. If you are a blogger you know how messy can your laptop background become due to so many albums full of pictures from your blog. Sometimes it pisses me off because I can't find anything and it can be really frustrating. But I came up with an amazing solution. Actually, it wasn't me, it was group of certain people who developed .  It is a great platform which allows you to upload your pictures in album creating a beautiful story. They provide you with 10GB free space. You can also add insight to your story such as the weather, speed or tourist info provided by their content partners. Beside all that, I have to admit, it looks really good. Design is very fresh and modern, it gives a special touch to your photos. So, if you have the same problem as I do, I would totally recommend you to start using . I am planning to transfer most of my blog pictures so I can finally clean my laptop. Also, you can share your album using facebook, whatsapp or twitter. 

You can check my first album :)

And also, Croatia album :)

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