Recently I discovered a new brand called Salar. I found their handbags on ShopBop (click link) and I was left speechless. I can't believe I haven't heard about Salar before. I figured out I have to investigate more about that brand. So here is what I found out. It is Italian brand, created in Milan by two designers Salar and Francesca. 

In 2010, Salar and Francesca decide to put together their passions, their abilities and their competencies to make SALAR a success; the intrinsic knowledge of the product, it’s creation and construction on the one side and the analysis of values and communication styles on the other. The brand was born in Milan and was immediately recognized by Vogue Italia as one of the best emerging brands. (

I find their design a perfect combination of feminine chic and touch of rock.  It is perfect for 21th century fashion warriors who wants to stand out of the crowd. 
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