Baby blue
Today I was wearing Romwe dress - link, Romwe coat - link, Jessica Simpson boots and Ray Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses shop 


Baby pink fur 

Perfect Saturday. Weather was so great that I felt like it's already spring. I was wearing some new items from Zaful. 


Almost birthday 

Tomorrow is my birthday. 22. When did this happen to me?! It feels like last year I was celebrating my 12. birthday. How could I grow up so fast? 
Today I was hanging with my friend and she took great pictures of me even though I have that "bad life, stay in bed" kind of the day. I was wearing Shein sweater , you can order it from this link -
Missguided pants, Modress boots, Michael Kors bag and no name balzer. Hope you like my outfit. 




Winter is gone...for at least a day. I spent an amazing day with my friend wandering around Mostar. I really missed the city. I was home for about a month and when I came back I felt like I never lived here before. Mostar has some special energy and walking through all those cute streets will really make you fall in love.

I was wearing Romwe camel coat - (grey) LINK, that is probably my favorite coat color. It look so classy and it matches perfectly with my Zara bag and scarf. Jeans are from asos (Farleigh model), this amazing blouse with frilled sleeves is from Shein - LINK.  


Pink Coat 

I was looking for pastel pink coat for ages. Most of those which I found were too thin to be worn during winter days and here in Croatia temperature goes from -20 to plus 40.  But I finally found this one and I am so happy , you can order it from Jollychic and with coupon code "gingerellica2" you get 10% discount. Link -

I was wearing Romwe black jeans LINK (yep, perfect pair of jeans) , Asos boots and Shein scarf. 


Shipped from Venus dress
Those pictures were taken few weeks ago when I was visiting my friend in Zagreb. You can check her blog here ( . I am a bit harsh when it comes to photos for my blog so she is a afraid of me every time she has to take pictures. BUT she became a great photographer and I am so happy with those photos, what do you think? 
I was wearing Shipped from Venus dress (yep, my own collection) , you can order it via email , Sol Sana boots, Mucca bag, Shein coat (old) and H&M scarf. 
We have visited Miss Donut bar in Zagreb, their donuts are very delicious so if you are somewhere near and you need an idea for great breakfest, you should definitely visit them :) -


Velvet wishlist 


Embroidery dress
This is one of my favorite outfits so far. I wore heeled boots almost whole winter and I am really tired of them so I decided to match up my Romwe dress (you can get it HERE) with sneakers. It was a really nice day before it started snowing. Today I don't want participate in real life. I am catching up with new The Royals episodes, do you watch that tv show as well? If not, you should start. It's like British Gossip Girl.
I was also wearing Missguided jacket - get it HERE and Zara bag.


Happy New Year 
It feels like yesterday we were celebrating 2006. (not that particular year but you get the point). I don't think about it a lot, but time really passes by very quickly. 2016. was a good year. It brought me new people in my life and some business opportunities which were way beyond my expectations . I think 2017. will be even better. I will finally graduate and then I will go somewhere. I still don't know where and when but I will pack my things and move. I am a bit scared but also excited because even though fresh starts can be hard they are also beautiful. A new chance to do everything from the beginning - the best feeling ever. I wish you all the best in 2017. May your all dreams come true and don't forget - nothing is impossible. Dare to dream :) 

  • Today I was wearing pale blue coat by Romwe, white turtleneck blouse and A line skirt from Romwe as well. You can buy coat HERE, skirt HERE and blouse HERE

  • Boots are from Modress. Marc Jacobs bag from SHOPBOP and Zara hat.