Happy New Year 
It feels like yesterday we were celebrating 2006. (not that particular year but you get the point). I don't think about it a lot, but time really passes by very quickly. 2016. was a good year. It brought me new people in my life and some business opportunities which were way beyond my expectations . I think 2017. will be even better. I will finally graduate and then I will go somewhere. I still don't know where and when but I will pack my things and move. I am a bit scared but also excited because even though fresh starts can be hard they are also beautiful. A new chance to do everything from the beginning - the best feeling ever. I wish you all the best in 2017. May your all dreams come true and don't forget - nothing is impossible. Dare to dream :) 

  • Today I was wearing pale blue coat by Romwe, white turtleneck blouse and A line skirt from Romwe as well. You can buy coat HERE, skirt HERE and blouse HERE

  • Boots are from Modress. Marc Jacobs bag from SHOPBOP and Zara hat.

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