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I just got this amazing wooden phone case from jimmyCASE. Every lady experiences a problem of small bag and too much stuff at least once in a month , right? Especially when I am going out and I have a pile of makeup to carry with myself and a huge wallet, that can be a real problem. That's why iPhone 6 case with card holder is a great invention. I just put my cards in my phone case and I am good to go. JimmyCASE wooden cases were invented back in 2014. when this very smart guy Dan decided that he is enough of carrying his wallet in one and his phone in other pocket. And we are so happy that he did, right? The fact is, we are carrying our phone with us all the time so why won't just use the benefits of it. JimmyCASE provides you with cases for every iphone model, so you can check iPhone 7+ wallet case. They also offer you various elastic band shades so you can find your perfect style :)
 Even though design is very simple, piece of aircraft grade mahogany glued to silicone bumper with nice design of elastic band looks really great. JimmyCASE has plenty of pros, your iPhone will have a unique look you can be sure about that. Also you will be very satisfied with the quality, it will keep your credit cards secure. Parts of the bottom of the band are attached to the back of the case so there is no possible way that you may lose your credit cards. 
Also, you don't have to worry about using screen and side buttons, case don't affect them. 
So if you are one of us who has couple of credit cards and sometimes you just can't go out with a bulky wallet, jimmyCASE iphone case is a perfection solution. 

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