Bike Shipping And Assembly Made Easy With Sixthreezero

Bike Shipping And Assembly Made Easy With Sixthreezero
Even technophobes can agree that it is easier to buy most things online.  The exceptions are products that you have to physically wear or otherwise interact with to know if they fit you.  Therefore, many people hesitate to buy bicycles online.  When they see beach bicycles for sale online, they usually click right past them.  If the bike is anything more complex than a men’s beach cruiser, skeptical online shoppers usually do not even navigate to the page at all.  Now, sixthreezero makes it easy to buy bikes online without the inconveniences you might expect from online bike shopping.
Easy Assembly
Remember how excited you were to find a bike box under the Christmas tree when you were a kid?  Remember how your excitement turned to trepidation as your parents spent Christmas afternoon growing increasingly frustrated trying to assemble the bike?  Sixthreezero bike boxes are big, which means the bikes come mostly assembled.  You just have to connect a few parts, and the bike will be ready to ride.  If you have assembled IKEA furniture and lived to tell about it, assembling a sixthreezero bike will be simple.
Adjusting Your Sixthreezero Bike
Bikes come in just a few standard sizes.  You can tell which size bike to order by entering your height and weight on the sixthreezero website.  Even with the right size bike, most bikes still need some adjustments, but not to the bike frame itself.  You may need to adjust the pedals and seat, and possibly also the handlebars.  The best way to do this is to take your bike to a bike shop.  You do not need to ship it all the way to California to have it adjusted.
Thanks to sixthreezero, you can now include bikes among the things that are easy to buy online.

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